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100% of leaders of schools in the highest performing schools systems worldwide  - put the ability to coach others as the single most important leadership skill

(reference "Capturing the leadership premium" McKinsey and Co. November 2010)


The value and potential benefits of  coaching:

Enables individuals to gain a greater awareness of themselves, draw on their inner resources and develop their potential, and move to informed action;


Empowers leaders to take informed and effective decisions that impact upon the motivation, performance and achievement of others;

Develops collegial cultures within organisations; and

Leads to higher performance and sustainable improved outcomes - in schools, this leads to children having far improved learning opportunities within much healthier learning communities


Why choose MPNS?

On our website you will find out how we can support the development of a coaching culture within your school, institution or business.
We offer value for money programmes that are focused upon quality outcomes for participants.

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Customer feedback

"Probably one of the most constructive and effective courses I have attended in over 15 years of teaching"

"Developing effective questions to help the client come up with solutions to improve.."

"Understanding about how the client comes to the solution rather than the coach giving the answer"

"Created optimism and a sense of empowerment - we can change and improve our working environment - and we will!!"